Batuhan Herkol
Sydney Character
Biographical Information
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Home: His base
Physical Description
Species: Human
Hair color: Blond
Eye color: Blue
Show Information
Portrayed by: Batuhan Herkol
First appearance: "The Mystery"
Latest appearance: "Ties that Bind"
Relevant Pages

Batuhan, he seemed to be the one who solved everything, so we named him Solver.
Nana to Sakir src

Batuhan, also known as King, of his base, is a character on YouTube's The Secret Organisation. He débuts in the first episode of Season One. He is portrayed by main star Batuhan Herkol.

Batuhan is based on the character of the near same name from Mongolian Mythology, Batu Khan.


Batuhan was born on the 17th of April in 2003. Batuhan is a human and the older cousin of "Cousin" Bora and "Cousin" Gorkem. At some point, he joins Captain Nana's group and becomes second in-command. It is later revealed that Nurse Harper is also the younger cousin of Batuhan, which puts things into suspicion for Captain Nana. ("The Mystery", "Shadows in the Dark", "Killer Instinct")

Batuhan is revealed to be familiar with the roman language, therefore discovering coordinates to an exact location of the secret organisation's base. Later on, it is revealed that Batuhan has some connection to the symbols of Blue, which is later revealed to be all a set-up. In an episode, Batuhan is apparently forced to bring his cousins to their meeting by his parents, but are later revealed to be spies for Blue, also the Shadow Man and Michael Tilman. Unfortunately, Batuhan is later put into coma by the mysterious Evil Man who he has kept seeing dreams about but also had a past with him which he later was brainwashed into forgetting. ("Darkest Fears", "Shadows in the Dark", "Killer Instinct")

In one of the episodes, the group question of Nana's disappearance, Batuhan repeatedly suspects his friend Imran, but is not sure if it is him or not. It is also revealed that Batuhan has a fear of spiders, bugs all up. To find the disappearance of Nana, Batuhan volunteers to go down under to find important revelations about Nana, but instead ends up finding his missing earphones. Batuhan later interviews the group about Nana's disappearance, he firstly questions Imran, who seems to give very vague answers and wrong ones, Imran later becomes number one on Batuhan's suspicions after he says he's a therapist and when he questions him about how he knows all about Blue's symbols. He also questions Adeeb who seems to be laughing and smiling the entire interview and questioning Batuhan as well. Sakir's interview came next and he gave a lot of wrong or vague answers. Following that interview, Batuhan's came last, where everyone questioned him. He tells them that when he went psycho with the symbols, it was like there was something inside of him controlling him. He then tells them that the police called him and said that Nana was murdered and it was by someone in their own group. He later then explains that he needs time to think and decides to leave the group. ("Ties that Bind")

After they go to look for more clues, Batuhan goes crazy and runs away from the group, explaining he knows who killed Captain Nana and he saw the whole thing happen. He officially puts all the blame on Imran and pushes him away. Afterwards, after Batuhan starts screaming at Imran, the new guy gets up and pushes him off a big boulder hill. After Batuhan gets up, Imran runs away and Batuhan hurry's to chase him, Adeeb and Sakir try to stop him but because he started running before they did, they cannot stop him in time. Batuhan threatens Imran that if he doesn't comply with his question, he will hurt him, after he gives a terrible and vague answer, he punches him. Then Batuhan later says that he thinks that Imran is Michael Tilman, but does not confirm it. Then he says the only one that can help them is Captain Nana. The end brings up a question that Batuhan asks the mathematician if he is The Shadow Man, the episode straight away ends, leaving the question unanswered. ("Ties that Bind")


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